AlbuCORE Members are Plaintiffs in a Lawsuit Against the PED

Check out the news story here:!/59107/cfb5843561099930100517d1abce1eff

Bubbling isn’t teaching: CORE Teachers Featured in Rethinking Schools

Check out the article in the new issue of Rethinking Schools, featuring CORE members Michelle Perez and Amanda Short on their recent struggles around assessment and social justice in their school!


CORE members interviewed by Dr. Fran Huckaby for a documentary on teacher/parent activism


CORE member Michelle Perez is interviewed by Dr. Fran Huckaby, Director for Public Education at Texas Christian University.

CORE teachers crunch data: How much does testing really affect us?

CORE member Francesca Blueher compiled pages of information about testing and then condensed it into an easily accessible chart. This chart helps the public understand how much testing  is happening in our elementary schools. This information was distributed at PTA and community meetings.



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