Make ‘union’ a verb again

AlbuCORE caucus of ATF responds to proposed budget cuts.

Making ‘union’ a verb again

Below is Mary Kelly’s (AlbuCORE’s HS VP candidate) full comment to the APS Board of Education:

“I stand before you today as an educator facing more work and a significant cut to an already almost unlivable wage. I am disappointed with the board and district leadership. You sit complacent and point fingers at the governor while our public school system is destroyed. Yes, state governance is poor, but your refusal to defend the teachers and students of this district against the onslaught from the state appalls me. You have implemented expensive testing without protest and then criticized families for opting their students out because you are so concerned about the district grade. You legitimize the PED’s corruption. You have done nothing to fight against the slashing of our budget. We are the biggest district in the state, that should not make us a target as you claim, but the district with the most fight and largest capacity for impact. Your inaction is deplorable. You are elected representatives with an obligation to your constituents. Instead of rationalizing the devastation of our schools and telling us to call our legislators, step up and defend the people you supposedly serve.”

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