Join us in creating better educational environments and fighting for change!

A few of the things we’ve done so far:

  • Organized the fight for a change in the High School Schedule
  • Presented at a National Conference about how activism is professionalism
  • Organized PARCC Pickets
  • Organize site based study groups
  • Made appointments with lawmakers and administered the DIBLES test to them
  • Still fighting against the bubbling of Interim Assessments at the elementary school level
  • Organized a study group around the book, Class Action: An Activist Teacher’s Handbook
  • Pushed back against the PED’s formula for calculating school letter grades
  • Organized speaking at APS Board Meetings
  • CORE members and ACLU are suing the PED
  • Check out the article in a recent issue of Rethinking Schools, featuring CORE members Michelle Perez and Amanda Short on their recent struggles around assessment and social justice at their school!
  • Organized the burning of teacher evaluations

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